Get a fresh brand and Web design in Montreal and beyond

Make your visions
come to life

I take you step by step through your web design and branding projects to add value to your business and increase 
your sales.


A streamlined process to establish
a solid online presence for your business


We have an initial strategy call with a brainstorm session in which you tell me about your vision.


After a 1st deposit, I get started on the design and draft the first elements.


I send you the designs for review & iterate based on your suggestions and the goals we set in step 1.


I develop your website and keep you updated with regular check-ins.


After the final payment you receive the final files, assets and required links and your site is live!


How much do your services cost?

Super good question! Since each project is unique, the prices will vary depending on the scope of your project, number of pages and your specific needs. To get an idea, contact me to set up a brainstorm session where we discuss your needs and vision! After which I will send you an estimate by email.

Who has the rights on the design once the project is completed?

By working with me you agree that all work I create remains my intellectual property and I can use work I created for you to promote my business, for example by showcasing it in my portfolio. However I create bespoke work for you so no other client of mine will have a “recycled” version of your project. Icons I design while we work together can be used in some of my future projects. Custom illustrations are reserved for your use, which means I won’t use them for any other client.

Can you do branding and a logo without a website?

Definitely! Your project is welcome to be considered even if you’re not ready for a website just yet. It will however be part of a brand package, not a logo on it’s own.

How do payments work?

Payements are made safely and transparently through paypal or stripe (debit and credit supported). Invoices and receipts will be sent to you by email.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes! A 1/3 of the total sum with be required at the begining of the project. Then the rest is split into two other payments; one after a milestone phase (often design of web pages) and the last at the very end of the project.

Do you only do web design in Montreal/Canada? Do you serve international clients?

Of course! Wherever you are in world, don't hesitate to reach out! I can't wait to hear about your project.


Free resources coming soon to help you build your brand! Check my Instagram to stay in the loop with my latest web designs in Montreal.

My design gear, desk essentials & book recommendations

Flexispot Standing Desk

An ergonomic workspace setup is a must if you're going to work at the computer for many hours at a time. This standing desk is an option among many to help you acheive that.

See all options Amazon
Reusable Coffee Cup

Because what's a good designer without a cup of coffee or tea? Nice cup with really good reviews. I love that it gives coffee shop cup vibes but is reusable. It comes in a wide range of colors and is not too big, so likely to fit in just about any cup holder.

See on Amazon
Micron Fineliner Pen Set

A super good pen set. They don't bleed on most surfaces and create sharp lines. I use them for logo design, inking sketches and taking notes.

See on Amazon
Designer Ruler

This ruler helps if your're going to focus on print materials like packaging design. It helps to mesure and to determine font size and stroke weight on existing designs.

See on Amazon
Medium Hard Cover Moleskine Sketchbook (4.5" x 7")

The "Apple" of notebooks. The paper is good quality and has a nice finish. If you're serious about skeching, you might consider this option.

See on Amazon
Art Creation 5x8 Sketchbook

An affordable option for a medium sized sketchbook. The mixed media paper allows to experiment with different mediums and even light washes.

See on Amazon
Reclaiming Conversation

On taking time to connect with others and ourselves in a tech-focused world. Brings in a nice perspective especially for people working with devices all day.

Read description on Amazon
Large Dotted Notebook

The dotted notebook has proved to be a must for me in design. It is where ideas are born and refined, from logos to wireframes. Pick one that suits your needs, I especially love the large ones for brainstorming.

See on Amazon
Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

Practical book about building products that influence user behavior. It shows how to bring users back to your business wihout coming off as salesy

Read description on Amazon
Atomic Habits

More of a self-help/productivity book. It is helping me to improve my workflow by perfoming small changes in my daily habits that yield big results. It is super well structured, and Clear brings really nice annecdotes to highlights key points.

Read description on Amazon
Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

A super good book if you want to get acquainted with UX (user experience) concepts. Even if it isn't super recent, the principles are still applicable today. Shows how to set up interfaces that simplify the life of the user.

Read description on Amazon
The Design of Everyday Things

A book buy researcher Don Norman, pionneer in the UX field, explaining what user experience truly is. A must read for designers, as it helps to reallize that the scope of design is much greater than what we see on our screens.

Read description on Amazon
Steal Like an Artist (book)

A neat coffee table book to have as a designer. Super easy to read with short chapters, and fun quotes. Kleon focuses on the idea that no work is truly original, but rather a collection of inspirations.

Read description on Amazon
Show your Work

The next book in the "steal like an artist series". It's still on my TBR (to be read pile), but it comes strongly recommended by many readers.

Read description on Amazon
Articulating Design Decisions

I've been listening to this one as an audiobook. This practical guide focuses on principles for presenting your design work. What I love about this book is it targets all sorts of industries.

Read description on Amazon
Steal like an artist journal

This journal is a companion to the next book listed, Steal Like an Artist. I use it almost every week and it's a great way to get creative juices flowing away from the screen. The prompts are quite fun and leave space for imagination.

Read description on Amazon
Wacom Intuos Graphic Tablet (Best value without screen)

The Intuos is perfect if you're a beginner starting to experiment with graphic tablets or if you have a small budget to spend on design gear. It can achieve really nice pieces thanks to pressure sensitivity and other cool features.

See full description on Amazon
Wacom Cintiq Graphic tablet (High-end model)

The Cintiq is a premium model for graphic tablets. It's pretty much a top of line product. The crips display, wide interface and advanced features such as tilt sensitivity will bring your art to the next level.

See full description on Amazon
Apple Magic Mouse

The flat Apple mouse is a favorite for many designers and will look sleek on any set up. Personally, I find them aesthetic but they tend to make my hand cramp. Again, it's a good idea to try out a couple in person before purchasing.

See on Amazon
Wireless Mouse

An ergonomic mouse can help to reduce wrist pain. If you don’t have this problem, be like me and just get a cost effective one that is also comfortable. My go-to is this wireless one from Logitech. Try a couple in person if you can before ordering.

See on Amazon
Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

Really nice keyboard. I love the aesthetic of the round keys that remind me of a typewriter. Top of the list for an ergonomic design space if you are going to elevate your laptop.

See on Amazon
Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Raising your laptop or monitor will make a world of difference for your neck and back. I find when I use my stand, I have better posture, less pain and I get tired less easily.

See on Amazon
MacBook Pro

Look for is the highest SSD you can afford with a minimum of 32GB. Hard disk storage is also important. I started with a MacBook Air and it served me fine. There are also some nice windows options, but I do admit I like the displays of MacBooks for design work.

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